Nov 23, 2021

Programmer productiveness : Zshell life hacks

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I use a many aliases and commands to quickly navigate between directories and open/edit files etc. These productivity hacks will boost your daily productivity. Let’s get started!Add the following to ~/.zshrcfunction vimf() { vim $(find . -name “$1” | head -1)}#If if zhellPROMPT=”%B%F{51}%n%f%b%B%F{51}@%f%b%B%F{51}%m%f%b %~: “# MACOS fusealias mountworkspace=”sshfs ~/MYWS_remote -p 22 -o reconnect -o…

I exploit a many aliases and instructions to rapidly navigate between directories and open/edit information and so on. These productiveness hacks will enhance your every day productiveness. Let’s get began!Add the next to ~/.zshrcfunction vimf() head -1)#If if zhellPROMPT=”%BpercentF{51}%npercentfpercentbpercentBpercentF{51}@%fpercentbpercentBpercentF{51}%mpercentfpercentb %~: “# MACOS fusealias mountworkspace=”sshfs obaida@myhost.obaida.information:/native/workspace/MYWS ~/MYWS_remote -p 22 -o reconnect -o defer_permissions”alias unmountworkspace=”sudo diskutil unmount pressure ~/MYWS_remote”#aliasesalias ll=’ls -al’alias logf=”grep error: ./log”# tmuxalias tmuxd=”tmux -CC connect”→ For clarification head to my earlier submit:

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