Nov 23, 2021

Starvation Impacts Map

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Visualizing the Complex Interconnectedness of HungerDan Heath is an American bestselling author and speaker. In his book, Upstream, he promotes a preventative approach to problem solving.He advocates that the best way to solve systemic problems is to look upstream at root issues. To illustrate, he references a public health parable attributed to Irving Zola.“You and…

Visualizing the Advanced Interconnectedness of HungerDan Heath is an American bestselling writer and speaker. In his e book, Upstream, he promotes a preventative strategy to downside fixing.He advocates that the easiest way to unravel systemic issues is to look upstream at root points. As an example, he references a public well being parable attributed to Irving Zola.“You and a pal are having a picnic by the facet of a river. Out of the blue you hear a shout from the route of the water — a baby is drowning. With out considering, you each dive in, seize the kid, and swim to shore. Earlier than you may get better, you hear one other baby cry for assist. You and your pal bounce again within the river to rescue her as properly. Then one other struggling baby drifts into sight… and one other… and one other. The 2 of you may barely sustain. Out of the blue, you see your pal wading out of the water, seeming to depart you alone. “The place are you going?” you demand. Your pal solutions, “I’m going upstream to sort out the man who’s throwing all these children within the water.”Quick-term interventions are important, as they supply assist for these at instant danger. However we should additionally work to determine and eradicate root causes. Upstream intervention, or prevention, in the end reduces the quantity of people who find themselves vulnerable to turning into endangered.At Vizer, we frequently converse of the interconnectedness of starvation with different social causes. Whether or not discussing environmental motion, fairness, or financial alternative, entry to wholesome meals is commonly an underlying issue.All motion begins with consciousness. To underpin our efforts to fight starvation, we got down to construct an interactive mannequin exploring how meals insecurity acts as each a root and driver of physiological and behavioral challenges. This evolving mannequin of the starvation panorama begins to conceptualize the interwoven nature of well being, social, financial, and environmental loops.Starvation Impacts MapWe welcome your information contributions to help on this enterprise.Discover the varied nodes and connections on this Starvation Impacts Map to be taught extra!

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