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DATA UNIVERSE-13,799 billion years, D0 – Planck wall, our universe is a tiny, heavy sphere 20 micrograms. The notions of time, of space, of radiation and forces are stored there as elementary data bricks. All the laws, of the material, energies and fundamental interactions are homogeneous and united by a single ultimate algorithm which will…

DATA UNIVERSE-13,799 billion years, D0 – Planck wall, our universe is a tiny, heavy sphere 20 micrograms. The notions of time, of area, of radiation and forces are saved there as elementary information bricks. All of the legal guidelines, of the fabric, energies and basic interactions are homogeneous and united by a single final algorithm which is able to quickly be launched. Actual time is combined with imaginary time. Matter is intangible. All the pieces is related to every part. The primordial atom is just information pure. Regardless of our very excessive degree of consciousness right now, this zero level stays under our observable or possible actuality, some name it the assembly level with the hand of God.J0 + Planck’s wall, it’s the Massive Bang, the universe algorithm goes into motion, it releases the mass of elementary information which explodes, propagates in space-time to turn out to be astronomical, primary. On the exact second of this massive bang information, time is imaginary and the universe is a singular quantum system[i], in a fraction of a second, it already measures tens of millions of kilometers. The nice unknown stays, who or what would have generated this preliminary impulse ?J + 13,799 billion years of evolution, the universe algorithm deploys like a wave operate on the idea of this nebula of knowledge particles. Quantum mechanics, Common Relativity, Thermodynamics, and many others. outline the association of the information which then adjustments states, natures, of that means, of capabilities. Brewed, nested, merged, duplicated, cut up, the elementary information kind, amongst others, right here the void, right here the atoms, right here the fabric, right here the gravitation, right here time, right here the sunshine, right here life. This magic offers delivery to our recognized and unknown universe, seen and invisible, palpable and intangible, possibly even actual and digital, bodily and digital. This universe algorithm nonetheless continues to elude our quest for unitary idea combining and unifying common relativity and quantum mechanics[ii].D + 13.799 billion years, yr 2020 of the Gregorian calendar, the algorithm at all times continues relentlessly its creation. Information now implies every part, she turned the bottom of our universe, his matrix. On this information universe, each particle, each aspect, every change of state, every motion prints data, save a setting, generates calculations. The universe continues to fabricate materials with data. Right here and there, life is born from this concord of mathematical precision. At all times beneath the affect of the fabulous impulse of the Massive Bang, all types of information inexorably proceed to increase. And every basic aspect which they create appears to comply with the identical drive, together with life.J+ 18 billion years, our solar’s hydrogen shops are depleted. He who had arrived throughout 10 billion years to protect its stability between gravity and radiation rapidly passes from the stage of yellow dwarf to pink large, its measurement turns into such that it engulfs virtually all of the planets of our system together with the Earth. The latter had in any case turn out to be uninhabitable for tons of of tens of millions of years because of the gradual enhance within the temperature of our late solar. Our Earth is gone and all life disappears from our photo voltaic system. Will Man or any of its descending kinds have survived till then ? Will they’ve lengthy left this photo voltaic system and its authentic Earth already dying billions of years in the past ?«To ensure that our species to outlive in the long run, to keep away from being engulfed by a dying and unleashed Solar, we’d like – we’ve no alternative – to take the reins of our personal future. Unraveling the legal guidelines of nature and studying easy methods to use them correctly is our solely probability. […] To outlive numerous potential disasters, and on the inevitable finish of the Solar, the trail is that of information, de la science »[iii].J+ 1000 billion years, sport over, the universe has completed increasing, every star has consumed all of its hydrogen, it’s whole black. Nothing is meant to exist, aside from maybe different universes in the event that they exist or different autonomous worlds than Man or different clever species and their descendants would have managed to create and wherein they might have escaped to proceed develop with out limits and with out finish.Is organic life as we all know it the head of this common algorithm ? Or is it only a stage of evolution ? Can this information universe host different types of actuality, different types of evolution than that which we stay or think about ?And the Man, as a fruit of the elementary algorithm arrived at a sophisticated diploma of evolution, can he proceed endlessly to awaken his consciousness, Will he be capable to hint the development strategy of this algorithm past the observable and calculable actuality? ? In addition to, wouldn’t it be helpful for him to take action ? May this imply its finish ?However what’s the information that appears to be the constructing block of our universe ? Information is data. It might be a primary description of a actuality, an commentary, a place to begin for reasoning, the results of a comparability, of a calculation. Within the uncooked information state, she is devoid of any reasoning, supposition, discovering or likelihood, she is taken into account indeniable. Information is current in all places round us in a myriad of spatial kinds, temporal, natural, quantum, astronomical, natural, and many others. All a lot of these information kind the essence of our universe, the place to begin of reasoning of his algorithm, the essential matrix of its design and enlargement.In frequent language, the notion of knowledge is linked virtually completely to the digital world, as if solely the latter may declare to be a generator and catalyst of knowledge. Digital is only a newer, sooner strategy to course of information, human know-how to decode it, grasp it and extract predictions from it. Digital is our flint stone which has solely very lately ignited a brand new age of increasing intelligence.Physics and cosmology have lately had a subdomain known as «digital physics» which scientifically assumes theoretical views primarily based on the idea that the universe may be described by data and may due to this fact be calculated, and even already simulated in a sure means. It’s the idea of the «simulation speculation» inside which researchers proceed to approximate the legal guidelines of our actual world with our mathematical and technological logics. Some research already deduce that the theoretical comparability is feasible[iv], that our Universe, like a grid of pixels on a display has a so-called «finite» decision, of a primary mesh, of an «underlying» matrix. The Universe and actuality wouldn’t solely be product of vitality or matter however extra fragments of knowledge, of Date. An increasing number of scientific communities agree that matter as such doesn’t exist, that the substance of nature could be a wave operate, a vector in area. Quantum mechanics is thus itself a manifestation of knowledge, a manifestation of potentials, that’s, data waves ruled by waves of potential electrons. However what would then be the matrix governing these waves, like waves on the floor of an ocean ? It could be a «common ocean», that some name «unified subject» or «subject of the supercord». This universe of waves and ripples may nicely be the information itself. A shifting universe with an algorithm printing waves and actions on the information that composes it. Is information this final brick, indivisible, this smallest and on the similar time the biggest constituent grasp aspect of our universe ?[i] Singularity research on the time of the Massive Bang – Hawking et Hartle[ii] A short historical past of time – Stephen Hawking[iii] The Universe at your fingertips – Christophe Galfard – Flammarion[iv] Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation. Cornell College

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