Nov 24, 2021


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“WHEN SEAGA CAME [TO] POWER [IN] OCTOBER 1980…IT WAS ALL GONE…BE TRUTHFUL …[BRAIN] DRAIN AND CAPITAL FLIGHT…IT [WAS] ALL GONE”. MEANING MICHAEL MANLEY WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT ALL…BULL CRAP:And say it was so, which I know it’s not, why didn’t economic genius. (Seaga) rebuild it?He even got the shyte for 10 years straight, no opposition,…

“WHEN SEAGA CAME [TO] POWER [IN] OCTOBER 1980…IT WAS ALL GONE…BE TRUTHFUL …[BRAIN] DRAIN AND CAPITAL FLIGHT…IT [WAS] ALL GONE”. MEANING MICHAEL MANLEY WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT ALL…BULL CRAP:And say it was so, which I do know it’s not, why didn’t financial genius. (Seaga) rebuild it?He even received the shyte for 10 years straight, no opposition, and all of the “assist” from Uncle Sam. 40 years is a very long time.You imply to inform me Manley’s 4 years — as a result of 1976 was when it began to crumble — couldn’t be rebuilt in 40 years?Or was it a arrange and the USA 🇺🇸 by no means supposed to do something aside from what it’s doing proper now to the nation, which is exploit it?The mind drain is to the place? USA!In the event that they had been real, they might have instituted insurance policies that will discourage the mind drain, as an alternative it continues unabated to at the present time.What concerning the merciless compounding curiosity and debt that’s rendering the federal government impotent to do something about our quite a few vexing social issues?To wit, witness our treasured lecturers and our nurses. They’re stripping us unmercifully of all of them!Assume, suppose, suppose, earlier than all of us perish.The place do you suppose the neo-liberal structural adjustment insurance policies which have devastated our economic system and put our native producers, together with our treasured farmers, out of enterprise, had been formulated? In Washington DC and NYC!!!What’s the IMF and “World” financial institution? These are Wall Avenue Bankers.Sure, many of the IMF and WB are funded by Wall Avenue, that’s NYC!!!Not solely are they world bankers; they’re world buyers too!!Do you suppose they’re not going to power insurance policies on little “poor” nations like Jamaica 🇯🇲 which can be advantageous to all of their pursuits?I don’t need to go to Jamaica 🇯🇲 to let you know that poisonous American rooster, beef, scallion, carrots, thyme, onions 🧅 and milk are all dominating the Jamaican native markets.This meals is poisonous as a result of manufacturing strategies employed in America, and are ushering in a sequence of heretofore unheard-of power ailments in Jamaica.Do you suppose that’s by happenstance?!?!Whaapen? Jamaican individuals can’t plant thyme and scallion and lift livestock, and produce milk?These are referred to as commodities, and what’s maybe probably the most worthwhile buying and selling devices on Wall Avenue? COMMODITIES!!!Assume, suppose, suppose, earlier than all of us perish.Manley’s model of self reliance and consuming what you develop and produce, was anathema to Wall Avenue, like cryptonite in Superman.They needed to demonize him and eliminate him, and I’m telling you he lived longer exactly as a result of he misplaced the 1980 election, in any other case he’d be lifeless, lifeless, lifeless shortly thereafter.Oh…so that you thought these zillions ppl like Warren Buffet and pedophile Epstein make on Wall Avenue, simply got here out of the ether, huh?American-style capitalism is constructed on the backs of the oppressed of the world they usually reward those that are helpful in its propagation (like Seaga) and smother these not.I’m going to do a significant publish on this as quickly as I collect my ideas collectively.Rattling, that is onerous work, for which I’m not being paid!What can they do to me, deport me? I ain’t gonna starve in Jamaica 🇯🇲, and in the event that they kill me, effectively I’ve lived most of my life, being already in my 50s now, and I can solely die as soon as.Y’all have to change into extra refined and see what this man is doing to you!!!It’s the identical sport happening in all places.Violence, racism, militarism, outdoors firms taking management of indigenous assets and industries and the perpetuation of poverty and exploitation.Libya 🇱🇾 has oil; discover how they “liberated” it — from its oil alright.What about Iraq 🇮🇶 and Venezuela 🇻🇪?Humorous how the nations who wanted “liberation” from both “Communism” or “Socialism” or dictatorial oppression all the time appear to have one thing tremendous invaluable!Both that or it had a frontrunner that took no smack off ‘no one’. Bear in mind Grenada 🇬🇩 or Guyana 🇬🇾?Effectively your nation Jamaica 🇯🇲, which isn’t poor, simply exploited, is not any exception.Trinidad 🇹🇹 with its oil is on the chopping block too, and they’re already experiencing violence, which greater than possible is just not spontaneous.That’s the best way they roll, intentionally wreak havoc on a small exploitable nation that they aim and use the chaos and mayhem as entre’ into their financial life with the intent to usurp and dominate.This factor is so evil, it already has the seeds of its personal destruction embedded.A beg me a beg unnu now yu kno, open unnu eye, plz!!!

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