A new film festival arrives in Val-Morin

From May 4 to 6, the first edition of the The Val-Morin Artistic Film Festival will have held at the Théâtre du Marais. It will present 10 feature films and 4 short films highlighting findings from international and Quebec cinema.

Its founder, Julie Prieur, had dreamed of creating such an event for several years. Trained in film, she has worked extensively in production and direction, as well as directing a short film festival in Montreal. All her experience allowed her to acquire the necessary tools to organize and create a new festival.

Julie Prieur founds a new film festival in Val-Morin. courtesy photo

Quebec and international cinema

The idea occurred to him in particular during trips around the world. In Berlin or Paris, for example, he sees magnificent films that, unfortunately, do not reach Quebec. Therefore, he seeks to discover, through a varied program, little gems from other places.

Julie Prieur also dedicates part of her programming to promoting Quebec content and, more specifically, films shot in the Laurentians or produced by craftsmen from the region.

We can think of Marie-Geneviève Chabot, from Val-David, who will present her film for the first time in cinemas In the lake of men. Sandrine Béchade, from Sainte-Adèle, will present her short film Angel and UFOfilmed in the Laurentides and performed by actors from Val-Morin.

“The choices I made in my programming have a lot to do with originality. They are personal proposals, unique, but not too specific either, some are for a very large audience. But it’s still a way of telling a story that you don’t see anywhere else.”, says Julie Prieur about the films that will be screened. The latter is also delighted with the presence of international artists: Lucia Chiarla, a German director, and Rafael Palacio Illingworth, an independent American film director. You can also count on the presence of Québec director Félix Rose.

promote the region

Julie Prieur grew up in Laval and has known the Laurentides region very well since childhood. She settled for 2 years in Val-Morin, she had found the ideal place to present her new festival.

On the one hand, it allows to improve the offer the culture of the Laurentides and offer the public the opportunity to see arthouse cinema that is otherwise not accessible. It’s also a beautiful showcase for the region as a whole, the shops and restaurants. surrounding. The benefits will be positive. on one side or the other, emphasizes Julie Prieur.

To check the schedule or get tickets if needed: ffavm.com

coming interview with Marie-Geneviève Chabot

A future article will focus more specifically on Marie-Geneviève Chabot’s proposal, as well as her career as a director. Here is the synopsis of her movie, Au lac des hommes:

Hoping to reunite with their father, three brothers embark on a fishing trip with the one who marked them with his absence. For Stéphane, Jean-Pierre, Jérôme and Laurent, this will be an opportunity to get some answers and, perhaps, to make peace with the past. Aboard the rocking ship, her dreams and regrets make their way through the intertwining lines. This journey is a bittersweet search for a lost family ideal. An incursion into a masculine universe to be reconciled, where courage sometimes reveals itself by breaking the silence.

Marie-Geneviève Chabot will present her film Au lac des hommes for the first time. courtesy photo

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