A ninth album for Candied Turnip

Being extremely confusing: that’s what Jean-Philippe Fréchette, aka Navet confit, likes. he presents good morninga work in keeping with his exploratory, hybrid and singular mode of creation.

For two decades now, Navet confit – Navet, for intimates – has been rolling on the fringes of the Quebec musical universe known as the “general public”. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Beauce likes to offer proposals that are certainly more niche.

His first full solo project and 9Y original album in two decades, the adopted Montrealer simply christened it good morning.

“I like to release records and record, explains the artist who has obviously experienced a creative pandemic. It’s my way of remembering my ideas, that’s why I have so much material. I don’t write the music, it’s my “laptop” which is my notebook”.

The subtext of the release of this album recorded between March 2020 and September 2021 by Navet solo is simple: it is as if the musician launched himself into the world: “Hello, here is everything I have tried in the last two years. If that appeals to you, listen to it!”

Photo taken at Studio LaTraque, for the release of the new album.

Photo Martin Alarie

Photo taken at Studio LaTraque, for the release of the new album.

Eleven songs were born from this exploration that began in the early days of the global crisis, when the 42-year-old artist’s living room was transformed into a recording studio. This is where the song was born, among others Thursdaythe only instrumental piece on the album: the creation of a Navet that sought Zen through the chaos of the pandemic.

the texts of good morningexplains, they are the logical continuation of his last album water gymnasticsreleased in 2020. They were born from a desire for minimalism, even in miniature, inspired by literary encounters in poetry.

“It is a job that I have been doing more and more for a few years, continues the one that also produces records for other artists. I offer material with more complete arrangements and less perceptible instruments, with more “lo-fi” sound walls, a bit of folk and sprinkled with electric piano. This album has also been described as meditative ambient grunge…”

If the instruments are difficult to discern, it is because the creator enjoys having fun with out-of-tune instruments. Because for him, much of the fun lies in playing with “something that is not straight or perfect.”

Creative under duress

Please, the first extract offered, is revealed in a very short format with a lighter and more rhythmic atmosphere than the rest of the album. However, according to the main interested party, it offers a good overview of the rest of the offer made up of what he calls anti-songs.

“An anti-song offers neutrality, the most neutral step of the theme, often in the economy of words, explains the man who has also been co-owner of the Le théâtre du futur company for eleven years. The objective is rather to create a work in several dimensions”.

This album, one of whose main and declared objectives is to destabilize, was created almost entirely alone by Navet Confit. He explains that he had fun playing with the repetitions, the humor, the anti-musical aspect and the false side that the use of out-of-tune instruments brings to him.

For Navet Confit – who admits to having a bit of a “soft” anti-conformist punk thought behind his way of creating – the interest of making music lies in exploration, eternal questioning and the constant search to find himself in a state of awakening. “I get carried away by what I love, without having too many long-term plans,” he adds.

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  • Do you want to know more about Navet confit and the album? good morning? Hello (the short film) can be seen on his YouTube page.

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