Disney+: The 6 best magical movies and series to watch on the platform!

To immerse yourself in the world of magic again, here are the 6 best movies and series to watch on the Disney + platform.

Do you want to immerse yourself in the world of magic again? Good news, this article is for you! MCE TV reveals a top 6 of movies and series to watch on the Disney+ platform.

A platform full of surprises

You have seen for yourself, the competition between streaming platforms is fierce. As Netflix changes its policy and expands its catalog, Amazon Prime Video has acquired Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) for 8.5 billion dollars.

No, you are not dreaming! Therefore, the giant expressed itself in a press release: “The nearly century-old studio, with more than 4,000 movie titles, 17,000 TV episodes, 180 Oscars and 100 Emmy Awards, will complement the work of Prime Video and Amazon Studios. And this, offering a range of entertainment options to customers. »

Given these improvements, Disney+ is therefore doing everything possible to attract and offer quality movies and series to viewers. We have to believe that the video broadcaster is making the right decisions because they have had great success with nothing less than 118 million subscribers worldwide.

Disney + prepares even more novelties, in particular with new universes, such as the new Marvel series in space. Even more ! The platform also focuses on the world of magic.

Great fun for Harry Potter fans eagerly awaiting the film’s release. Hogwarts Legacy: The Hogwarts Legacy.

To immerse yourself in this universe, MCE TV offers you 6 magical movies and series, available on Disney+.

A top 6 full of magic

the world of narnia

we startedand immediately with this wonder. The Chronicles of Narnia is a trilogy by Andrew Adamson that has been a great success around the world.

This adaptation of the first three S. Lewis novels immerses fans in a new winter world… full of surprises and magic. A pleasure for the little ones, as for the adults.

There are four siblings namely Lucy, Susan, Edmund and Peter Pevensie who venture into the fantastical world of Narnia.

the sorcerer’s apprentice

Still on Disney+, the sorcerer’s apprentice should delight you if you still appreciate magic that much. Here, Nicolas Cage is pulling the strings. The synopsis is as follows:

Balthazar Blake ist a great magician who lives in Manhattan. So he tries to defend the city against his enemy. Balthazar can’t do it alone, so he hires a boy who, however, has real potential, to become his apprentice…”

bird of sagebrush

It is therefore the story of Artemis, who tries to save her father. Therefore, she goes in search of the Aculos, an artifact that serves as her currency. She must demonstrate ingenuity and strategy to overcome the tests that await her.


Angelina Jolie looks amazing in this other well-crafted version of Sleeping Beauty.

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

Therefore, fans of mythology will be very happy, in discover the beautiful adventures of Percy Jackson!

once Upon a time

Thus we end this series of 7 seasons. She looks very quickly and with great pleasure at Disney +.

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