High school students commit to biodiversity on Saturday, May 14

On Saturday, May 14, the association of institutes Custodii di u creatu organizes a day in favor of biodiversity at the Bastia theater. Through conferences, visits and other activities, the association wants to make the general public aware of safeguarding biodiversity.

Young people want to conserve a great biodiversity. Led by the Custodii di u creatu association, Fango secondary school students organize a day in favor of biodiversity on Saturday, May 14, at the Bastia municipal theater.

For six years now, the students of Giocante High School in Casabianca have been committed to a sustainable development approach. During their classes and outdoors, they work on the theme of biodiversity in Corsica. They list in particular the peasant or first seeds of the island.

It is a civic commitment!

Florian Ricci, freshman

There are a hundred high school students who are going to participate in this process. Every month, some gather to cultivate the gardens of the Poor Clares and the Sacré-Coeur de Bastia. ” Even beyond the simple pleasure of going to garden, it is a civic engagement that is close to our hearts. It is very important because it is a way of not forgetting ancient cultures. says Florian Ricci, a freshman at Giocante High School in Casabianca.

On Saturday, May 14, visits to these gardens will be organized throughout the day to learn about the different varieties grown. A seed and plant fair will also take place in the peristyle of the theater.

Saturday May 14 will be an opportunity for high school students and members of the Custodii di u creatu association to ” show all the work done during the last six years by the different generations of high school students says Jean-Charles Adami, president of the association.

This teacher at the Giocante de Casabianca high school in Bastia now wants this high school commitment to be continued and expanded at the academic level. For him, ” It is urgent to act because the biodiversity of our island has been eroded. We have lost many, if not almost all, of the cultivated varieties. »

Throughout the day, the municipal theater of Bastia will host conferences. Geographers, philosophers, social sciences professors and associations will follow one another to talk about their work on insular biodiversity and debate about its future.

At 11 am, kitchen apprentices from the CFA of Corsica and students from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will learn about this biodiversity. During the culinary challenges, they will have to design a menu based on sustainable, organic and local foods to present them to a jury of professionals.

To close this day in favor of biodiversity, the group Chjar’di Luna will offer a concert in the municipal theater of Bastia. The first part will be in charge of high school students from the Giocante de Casabianca establishment.

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