“HPI” season 2, “Oussekine”, “Parliament” season 2… How much are the series of the week worth?

The return of an investigator with high burlesque potential, the Malik Oussekine affair, the still hairy backstage of the famous and boring European institution… We tell you all about these news, to watch on TV or on platforms.

on the tv channels

what “Parliament”, season 1 (France 5)

The day after the vote in favor of Brexit, Samy Kantor packs his bags in the European Parliament. He began his career as a parliamentary assistant in the hope that his wit and glibness would make up for his lack of knowledge of the institutions. He Failed: On his first day, he realizes that his ignorant boss, Michel Specklin, knows even less than he does, before getting caught by a smart guy who happens to be a lobbyist. Here he is in charge of getting an amendment on fishing adopted… Read more

what “The Responder”, miniseries (Canal+)

A degradation, depression, marital problems and obvious difficulties in managing his stress and anger: Chris Carson has a hard time not to sink. And his sessions with a psychiatrist hardly help the cop on the edge of the rope, who nonetheless tries to show his goodwill in front of the practitioner: I want to be a good policeman Told him. Seriously ? Now subscribed to night patrols on the streets of Liverpool, the quadra, however, continues to play with fire. Implicated in a shadowy cocaine robbery and cover-up affair, the anti-hero exposes himself – and his family with him – to disastrous retaliation… Read More

what “Visitors”, Season 1 (Warner TV)

It is not clear the first days. For his job as a deputy sheriff in the small town of Pointe-Claire, Richard, a former video game store owner who wears the uniform like his grandfather once, sticks his finger into a dimly lit case that no one seems to want. to listen. about. However, he saw something crash in the sky. And all these disappearances… Read more

what “HPI” Season 2 (TF1)

Building on the strength of her ratings records from last year, Lille’s PJ Impact Advisor Morgane Alvaro is back, still armed with her extraordinary IQ and a candor that’s as tense as it is hairy. With her empowered opening scene, inspired by the famous fitting session of Pretty Woman, this second season (of which we have only been able to see the first two chapters) is based from the first moment on its fundamentals: the irresistible slaughter of Audrey Fleurot, a good ladle of burlesque humor… and its winning formula… Read more

on the platforms

what “Mobile Brigade” (Arte.tv)

For Audrey Langlois (Marie Lelong), it’s a soup of faces. The Auvergne gendarme, who thought of joining the prestigious investigation squad: “those who deal with real crimes”, -explains with stars in her eyes- she sees herself, against all odds, assigned to the mobile brigade. A motorhome in which the young woman, placed under the orders of a recently arrived non-commissioned officer (Louise Massin), must travel the roads of the region to meet the inhabitants and their concerns… Read more

r “Parliament”, season 2 (France.tv)

After a first season of implementation (resuming on France 5 every Monday night), Noé Debré’s quasi-camera comedy returns in a second episode, available on France.tv. We find there Samy (Xavier Lacaille), a parliamentary assistant who started yesterday, now in the service of Valentine Cantel (Georgia Scalliet, former member of the Comédie-Française), a young and ambitious French deputy. Her workhorse: the blue Deal, a bunch of more or less coherent amendments, sold as the miracle solution to protect the oceans… Read more

r “Oussekine”, miniseries (Disney+)

A series on the Malik Oussekine affair at Mickey’s? What a surprise, at the beginning of 2021, the announcement of the filming by the Disney + platform ofoussekine, a drama about the consequences of the death of this student of Algerian origin, beaten to death by the police in Paris in December 1986… In four dense episodes, this moving but modest, melodramatic but documented miniseries portrays the disastrous night of the 5 from to December 6, 1986, during which Malik Oussekine (played by Sayyid El Alami) was assassinated, but above all he remembers what his family experienced afterwards, between heartbreaking mourning, racism and flouted justice… Read more

r “Skam”, season 10 (France.tv Slash)

We had left the teenagers tormented by Skam just three months ago, and here they are back for a tenth season. The proven concept does not change. Skam It is always broadcast in short sequences broken down daily at the time they are developed in fiction, every Friday there is a complete chapter, and the main plot rests on the shoulders of a character. For this tenth version, everything revolves around the beautiful Anaïs, played by Zoé García. It spins and makes you dizzy… Read more

p “The Essex Serpent” miniseries (Apple TV+)

I can do whatever I want now that he’s dead. » In an emancipatory impulse, Cora Seaborne (Claire Danes) leaves London overnight. Passionate about paleontology, the young widow arrives with her son and her governess in the county of Essex, attracted by news: a legendary sea serpent, reappeared long ago, would be responsible for mysterious events that occurred in the waters of the estuary. The pragmatic eye of the young woman is confronted with the ancestral beliefs of the inhabitants of the area. As his heart swings between William Ransome (Tom Hiddleston), the village minister who helps him in his research, and Luke Garrett (Frank Dillane), his London friend who single-handedly revolutionizes the history of medicine… Read plus

r Bosch: Legacy (Prime Video)

After seven seasons and sixty-eight episodes, Detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) is retiring from the LAPD. Does not laugh. This sequence of the forest he is reunited with the music-loving policeman, now a private detective. For the rest, we find some of the characters, a California with two faces, between luxury and misery, and everything that made the charm of this adaptation of Michael Connelly’s novels by Eric Overmyer. (The Wire, Treme) : a multi-branching plot, impeccable cast, endearing melancholy, and a sense of history that tends to get lost in modern series. a police novel Old School in the best sense of the word. IT IS

p “In an instant” (Netflix)

One afternoon, Valeria is kidnapped by organ traffickers in front of her husband, Simón. The trumpeter will soon be found lifeless and… heartless. He was taken from her to be transplanted to Camila, a heart patient and fiancee of the powerful Zacarias. While Simón tries to confuse Valeria’s killers, Camila, the victim of strange visions, investigates the identity of her “donor of her”. And, as if by chance, her destinies will cross… or more, if affinities. vague Colombian cousin of the intriguing series Cameras- with Uma Thurman as a young woman obsessed with the heart transplant that saved her life-, in a heartbeat wade through pure soap, Romantic comedy and mafia thriller. They are all beautiful, except the bad guys, who are very, very naughty. In order not to spoil anything, a syrupy trumpet solo underlines each love scene, between two strokes of the scalpel. However, we end up caught up in this incredible plot and… Simon’s blue eyes. The only conditions required: have a strong heart and turn off your brain. EC

:t5: “How I Met Your Father” (Disney+)

It took eight years for this version of the cult sitcom. how i met your mother to see the day A lot of patience and effort for little. It stages the group of friends of Sophie (Hilary Duff, bland), a romantic thirtysomething in search of her soulmate, and takes up the narrative process of her model: a sixty-year-old Sophie (Kim Cattrall) recounts her past to her children with many anecdotes Tired jokes, boring laughs, forgettable cast… If you’re coming out of a twenty-year coma, you might find this update amusing. On the other hand, if you liked the adventures of Ted, Robin, Barney and others, you can only be disappointed with this cheesy series, which looks like it’s straight out of the early 2000s. IT IS

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