If you liked Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix, these streaming series are for you

Later the loudest voiceSienna Miller finds a big role on the small screen in the latest series from the prolific David E. Kelley, anatomy of a scandal. If you allow Sienna Miller to put in a good performance, she also reminded you of a sad episode in her life. Available on Netflix, this 6-episode miniseries, adapted from the Sarah Vaughan novel, depicts the anguish of Sophie, the wife of British Conservative MP James Whitehouse, played by Rupert Friend, who can be seen again in the series. Homeland, available on Disney+. The politician and his wife, collateral damage, are involved in a media stir when the press reveals her husband’s infidelity. The case escalates when James is accused of rape and must appear in court, facing off against Kate Woodcroftt (Michelle Dockery), one of the best lawyers in the business. anatomy Of A Scandal, from which a key scene of the novel was cut during editing, is based on real events transcribed by its author. For those who devoured anatomy of a scandalhere are some other series you might like.

In an affluent neighborhood of Manhattan, Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman), a renowned relationship psychiatrist, lives a quiet life with her husband Jonathan (Hugh Grant), a renowned oncologist, and their son Henry. While organizing a fundraiser for the school, Grace meets Elena Alves, a mysterious young woman. The day after the fundraising party, Elena is discovered brutally murdered and Jonathan disappears… The veneer of this seemingly close New York socialite couple crumbles, and with it, Grace’s certainties, know if her husband is guilty or innocent. A turbulent story in which Nicole Kidman’s character borders on madness, as the viewer plays an amateur detective to find out if her mischievous husband incarnated as her is innocent or guilty, until the unexpected final revelation.

Laura Nielson, a single teacher, accepts an invitation to dinner from a handsome and renowned surgeon, Andrew Earlham, the father of one of her students. The evening is idyllic and they spend the night together. The next morning, Laura doesn’t remember what happened and she feels that something is wrong. She accuses Andrew of rape, but the latter categorically denies these accusations. Which of the two is lying? This British miniseries starring Joanne Froggatt (Laura) and Ioan Gruffudd (Andrew) plays with the ambiguity of their characters and shows how difficult it is to make yourself heard in the face of prejudice. The series has been adapted in France under the title of Lieswith Audrey Fleurot and Arnaud Ducret (visible in Salto), as well as in Spain, under the name of lie (to be seen on Netflix).

The Defoe women have formed a close-knit tribe ever since the father of the family ran off with his young lover. Ruth, the mother, and Hannah and Nina, her oldest daughters, work as divorce attorneys. Rose, the youngest, is a nanny. Recently, Hannah (Nicola Walker), in conflict with her mother, left the family business to join a competitor, Noble & Hale. The Defoes’ private lives are chaotic to say the least. Thirty years later, Ruth’s ex-husband, never to be together again, reappears. Hannah, who has been married for years to Nathan, with whom she had two children, found her old college friend of hers, whom she had a crush on, at her new workplace. Nina goes from bottles of alcohol to one night stands. And Rose, who is organizing her wedding, seems to want to back down. The stories of the heart and its heartbreaks are delicately shown in this British series where everyone can meet and which paints beautiful portraits of women.

Happily married, Megan Pierce leads a peaceful life in suburban Livingston with her husband and three children. A murder and the return of her former lover will bring to light a secret that she had managed to keep until then. This gripping thriller, adapted from Harlan Coben’s bestseller, has an original ending that differs from the novel’s and sees various intrigues intertwined until they come together with a surprising final twist. With its rich and varied settings, heartbreaking love story, and breathtaking suspense, this adaptation is one of the novelist’s most successful adaptations. Netflix has recently offered another series adapted from the author of successful thrillers, Speechless.

Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos) is a private detective, specializing in hunting down swindlers. But she succumbs to the charm of Benjamin Jones (Peter Krause) who, unfortunately, seems to have made professional fraud her specialty. When he goes missing, she goes to great lengths to find him in a shady game of cat and mouse. Although less intense than Scandalthis other Shonda Rhimes production The captureIt was roughed up at its premiere but it has a real elegance and a healthy dose of charisma, like its duo of performers.

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