Second album by Marie-Pierre Leduc: a whole musical complicity

She had already been working in the Quebec music world for years before joining Ariane Moffatt’s team at The Voice 2016. Marie-Pierre Leduc offers a second album inspired by the challenges brought by the pandemic. A folk-pop work that feels good.

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Marie-Pierre Leduc has been singing since she was very young. If his heart has long oscillated between theater and singing, the fact that she developed a passion for music through musicals says that it is when she sings on stage that she feels most alive.

Apart from her theater studies in Saint-Hyacinthe, the singer from Valleyfield took part in every possible singing competition, notably winning Cégep en spectacle. She explains that she was part of many classic rock cover groups that she discovered her vocal strength and what made her vibrate. On stage, she embodied Tori Amos, Sheryl Crow, Janis Joplin.

The time the storm passes

In the company of Michel Roy, her accomplice in life and in musical creation, the 44-year-old singer-songwriter has devised The time the storm passes, an album with a title reminiscent of the last two years of the pandemic. Realized and arranged by Michel (who also went back to the drums and acoustic guitars) and the musician-realizer Jay Lefebvre (Roch Voisine, Ginette Reno, Simple Plan), this is the opus that the couple considers to be their most beautiful collaboration. in that day.

“What we are presenting is what we like, they explain. There seems to be an open door in Quebec for this pop-folk style and for our songs. We decided to go our own way, just like Janis did. [Joplin].”

If the eight pieces that make up this album written during the first confinement have a link to the pandemic, the creative duo insists: the work is full of positive nuances. “The goal is to do good,” adds the couple, who use a common script and could count on some advice and the external gaze of Nelson Minville when correcting the texts.

The first excerpt, the piece Tell me, is the most pop song on the album. For the record, he is the father of Marie-Pierre, the portrayer of Louis Fraser’s character on the popular ’90s teen show. Watatatow – who will appear in the music video for the song which is scheduled to be released in late May.

The effect Voice

The transition from Marie-Pierre to Voice It has certainly been a trainer for the artist who has gained more self-confidence.

“For me, Voice it was a duty, like an initiation rite to have visibility, explains the one who had to try her luck four times before being selected. It was a seal of approval and she gave me the credibility and confidence to do real business and dare to give it my all. Now I know who I am as a singer.”

Later My universe, debut album self-produced by their company Concepson Mpm in 2017, the duo in a relationship for 22 years explains that they feel better surrounded; signs under the Discs Artic label with producer Raymond Du Berger (Roxane Bruneau, Gerry Boulet, Patricia Kaas…) who will produce her third album, already scheduled for 2023.

Until then, several shows are announced in your region.

  • the scrapbook The time the storm passes is available on all platforms
  • The album release, which is part of ADISQ’s Rampe de Lancement album release platform program, will be presented online on May 19.

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